An Ongoing Commitment

New materials, manufacturing processes, hinge designs, panel construction, continual product testing are a way of life at Chase Doors.

Our in-house product development team spends each day looking at ways to make our existing products perform better. Plus we develop new product concepts based on our customers' inputs and changing needs. We test our own and competitive products to understand their performance characteristics and then find ways to reduce manufacturing and material cost so we can assure our customers get the most durable and efficient products at the lowest possible price.

R&D labs within our Cincinnati and Redmond are used exclusively for prototype manufacturing, product analysis and material testing. Four custom designed and built double-acting door test sleds are used 24 hours a day for accelerated life cycle testing of both hinge and panel integrity. Our manufacturing facilities offer our R&D group a complete array of plastics, metal, fiberglass and wood fabricating equipment to support all in-house prototype development activities.

Our relationships with our partner suppliers and acknowledged manufacturing expertise in rotational molding, flexible PVC extruding, fiberglass, and multi-layer lamination has allowed us to be a beta test site for new materials before their introduction into the general marketplace.

Our drafting designers and engineers utilize AutoDesk, AutoCad and Inventor for creating, modeling and animating components, assemblies and complete products. We utilize this powerful software to refine design concepts, check component interfaces, clearances and tolerances, create production tooling and assembly drawings for manufacturing and generate the specification drawings that will be used by architects.

We hold a number of patents and have additional patents applied for that directly related to our design and manufacturing innovations. From panel construction to hinge systems and even manufacturing processes, Chase Doors has maintained a leadership role as a progressive manufacturer of products that have become industry standards.

Maintaining our role as the world's leading manufacturer of specialty doors pushes us to continually evolve and innovate as we respond to our customers changing needs. From our impact doors, cold storage doors, pharmaceutical doors, fiberglass doors, fire doors, sliding doors, bug doors, industrial curtains, air doors, to our strip curtains, our product research and development group is in the business of turning our customers' ideas into reality.