Because of its’ low cost, wood has always been a traditional material of choice for cold storage door manufacturers. However, its’ tendency to warp, swell, rot and harbor bacteria, molds and fungus because of the high moisture environment it is subjected too created numerous problems maintaining a good perimeter seal and passing health inspectors scrutiny. Pressure treated wood solved the rotting problem but unfortunately it warps even more than untreated wood.

Customers were telling us that they want a strong, non-wood door at a competitive price. So, we began to look for a better material to make a better product. After extensive materials research, design development and field testing of various prototype configurations, ColdGuard™ was born.

The ColdGuard line of cold storage doors replaced wood framing materials with Fiberglass Reinforced Pultrusions (FRP). The mechanical properties of fiberglass offer some tremendous advantages in cold storage applications –

  • extremely low thermal conductivity
  • as strong as steel but 30% lighter
  • maintains its shape over a wide range of temperature differentials
  • impervious to water and moisture so it will never swell or rot
  • easy to clean
  • and will maintain these properties even in extremely cold conditions.

The unique design of each ColdGuard FRP extrusion uses many ribbed cavities that capture and hold the foamed-in-place, CFC free polyurethane insulation. This produces an incredibly strong panel that has high impact resistance yet weighs less than traditional wood frame designs.

Internal wood blocking for securely attaching hinge, handle and other hardware reinforcements has also been replaced with an in-organic polymer material.

All fasteners used to create the frame, face sheets and hinge or track hardware are stainless steel.

Five Year Limited Warranty

This truly remarkable door is impervious to moisture and so strong and warp resistant, we back it with a five year limited warranty against warping and foam de-lamination. Combine this with all stainless steel fasteners and the result is a door that will stay looking as good as it lasts.