Single Panel and Bi-Parting Horizontal Cold Storage Sliding Doors
Designed for high cycle, abusive applications, the ColdGuard Horizontal Sliding Cold Storage Door is the workhorse of our product offering. We offer single and bi-parting doors for coolers and freezers in a variety of finishes. Durability is the key to long life in a horizontal sliding door.

Design features including a heavy duty FRP Framework, heavy duty track system with permanently lubricated rollers and molded polymer casing make the ColdGuard the “best in class”. All horizontal cold storage door systems are available manual or motor operated. Standard 4” thick and optional 6” (for applications below -20 degrees) are available.

Cold Storage Swing Doors
Single or double panel ColdGuard Cooler and Freezer Swing Doors provide simple, time-tested sealing and hinge systems for maximum performance in any application. Swing Doors can be used on new applications, or to replace worn out OEM doors in walk-in coolers.

ColdGuard Cold Storage Swing Doors are suitable for interior and exterior applications, and incorporate the same FRP perimeter framework that makes our sliding doors superior to competitive products. Swing doors come with a variety of options including panic hardware for exterior applications.

Cold Storage Vertical Lift Doors
The Vertical Lift Cooler Doors and Vertical Lift Freezer Doors are available with electric and manual operation, is ideal in applications where there is minimum side room or when several door openings are close together as with warehouse loading docks.

As with all ColdGuard Cold Storage Doors, the Vertical Lift Door incorporates an FRP perimeter framework creating a durable, long lasting door panel. Vertical Lift Doors are available for cooler or freezer applications, are available 4” and 6” thick, and can be manual or motor operated.