DuraSpan insulated and industrial curtain walls are an economical solution to dividing work space and are more versatile than building permanent walls. Whether you want to separate production areas, create smaller work areas, contain dust and contaminants, reduce energy consumption, create thermal separation, sound abatement, or simply create a barrier for your employees’ comfort and productivity, a DuraSpan curtain is an excellent solution. DuraSpan curtains allow you to maximize your available space by providing retractibility and mobility not available in permanent wall fixtures. They are easy to install and maintain.

All DuraSpan curtains are custom manufactured for your specific application. DuraSpan wall curtains are available as a single straight curtain, curved curtains, curtains with multiple sides, or modular enclosures. Units can be equipped with built-in strip curtains, or can incorporate door systems mounted to tube steel frames. Chase’s team of in-house engineers and customer service professionals will work with you throughout the order process to design a system that meets your specific requirements. All DuraSpan wall systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards for maximum performance and durability.

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