Roll-Up and Sliding Bug Doors, Bird Doors, Wire Screen Doors and Vinyl Doors

Why use a Roll-Up or Sliding Bug Door, Bird Door or Wire Screen Door
The DuraShield Bug Door, Bird Barrier Door, and Wire Mesh Door System is a cost effective way to provide ventilation and natural sunlight to buildings while maintaining a bird and insect free environment and a barrier from unwanted pedestrian traffic flow. DuraShield door systems are custom manufactured for dock doors, warehouses, distribution centers, truck entrances, processing plants, ramp entry ways and many more.


Type of Mounting Systems
All DuraShield Door Systems (bug doors, bird barriers, wire screen doors and vinyl doors) are available in either roll-up or sliding door models. Plus the DuraShield Door Systems can be placed on the inside or outside of a building with either in-jamb mounting, face-of-wall mounting, or inside standoff mounting.  


How to Measure Your Opening

View our easy-to-use measuring guidelines to order your perfectly sized DuraShield door or call our dedicated team of customer service representatives to help you determine the best way to measure your door opening.



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