Sliding Fire Doors, Industrial Doors, Pharmaceutical Doors

Choosing the Right Closing System for a Sliding Door
Fire Door Systems are designed to automatically close when a fire is present. The closing system can be weight close, spring reel close, or motorized. . .


Sliding Fire Doors are also Functional Doors
Fire door systems can be equipped with pass doors including multiple doors to provide means of double egress. .  . .


Saino Fire Doors are UL Listed and Labeled

Saino sliding fire door systems can be labeled anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours. .


Measuring for a Sliding Door System
Sliding door systems require detailed information to insure that a door system will fit and function properly in an application. All Chase products are custom manufactured for a specific application. Detailed measurements and application information is required to insure that the right product is provided. Call our dedicated team of customer service representatives to help you determine the best way to measure your door opening.

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