Restaurant Doors

Why use a Restaurant Swing Door
To maximize your customers satisfaction with their total dining experience.


Choosing the Right Door
Chase Doors offers the broadest range of traffic doors in the restaurant industry, from traditional aluminum swing doors to stainless steel doors to avant-garde. With 80 years of experience in designing and creating specialized door styles, Chase Doors can help you personalize your restaurant door to match any décor.


How to Measure Your Opening
When ordering a swing door it is important to measure your finished opening size. View our easy-to-use measuring guidelines to order your perfectly sized impact traffic door or call our dedicated team of customer service representatives to help you determine the best way to measure your restaurant door opening.


Panel Types
Chase Doors offer a broad range of double-acting traffic door ranging from light duty aluminum service doors (also known as sheet doors), laminated doors, stainless steel doors, traditional wood core, plastic doors and even wood free doors.


Hinge Types
Chase Doors offers a variety of hinge types as one hinge does not maximize the efficiency or functionality of every double- acting door or application.


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