Chase doors are at work everyday in medical facilities, college campuses, federal and state buildings because we offer an outstanding record of reliability, durability and long term value.

In hospitals, nursing and assisted living, schools, military commissaries our broad range of impact traffic doors, sliding fire doors, sliding service doors, security doors, in-fitting corrosion-resistant doors, fiberglass doors and restaurant doors provide a single source solution for all institutional facility requirements.

In addition to the broadest range of doors, Chase has a reputation for outstanding reliability, durability and long term value. We have unmatched service and support with the largest customer service organization in the specialty door industry. To learn more about our doors please click on the links below or call us at 800.543.4455.

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Double Acting Impact Traffic Doors
Double Acting Service Traffic Doors
Double Acting Flexible Doors
Double Acting Door Accessories: Frames & Limiting Posts
Corrosion Resistant & Fiberglass Doors
Cold Storage Doors
Cold Storage Door Operators
Fire and Service Sliding Doors
Pharmaceutical Doors
Fire, Service and Pharmaceutical Operators
Strip Doors
PVC Roll Goods
Bug, Bird, Wire Screen & Solid Vinyl Doors
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