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Fib-R-Dor Fiberglass Doors - Storm Rated

Fib-R-Dor utilizes a combination of unique manufacturing techniques and fiberglass technology to create a panel that is beautiful, cleanable and durable. The entire exterior of the door panel is molded fiberglass with a permanent bond to the core material, ensuring a beautiful, durable, low maintenance door that will last an extremely long time. Fib-R-Dor door systems are designed for use on interior and exterior applications, and can be equipped with virtually any hardware configuration required. Standard colors are white, gray, brown and tan in a high gloss or pebble finish. Additional colors are available as an option.

Blast Loading and GSA test for Dynamic Overpressure Loadings. Plus at 3.4 million cycles and counting, Fib-R-Dor has far surpassed the ANSI One Million Cycle Test!

Fib-R-Dor door systems meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the Florida Building Code (FBC). Contained within the building code are specific sections relating to design pressure calculation, testing and evaluation of products to be used in hurricane prone regions.

Chapter 16 of the Florida Building Code stipulates that the wind loads on every building be determined in accordance with ASCE 7. ASCE 7 determines design pressures for components and cladding used on building envelopes based on parameters such as geographic location, wind speed, importance of the building use and location of the opening on the building and size of the opening. ASTM E1886/1996 is a standard that was created to ensure that products installed in coastal regions will provide adequate protection against the extreme weather conditions that are common with a hurricane. To meet the ASTM E1886/1996 standard, the door system must act as a barrier to water, maintain structural integrity under high wind conditions, including cycling from extreme positive to extreme negative pressures, and pass a “missile test” where a projectile is fired at the door panel at a high rate of speed.

Fib-R-Dor “FBC Series” is approved for use in the State of Florida under Florida Product Approval # FL14551 and meets the following codes:

FBC Test
ASTM E1886 - Impact testing by missile and cyclic pressure differential test
ASTM E1996 - Large missile impact testing
ASTM E330 - Wind load testing of windows and doors by static air pressure difference
ASTM E331- Water penetration testing
ASTM E283 - Air leakage testing by air pressure differences
ASTM D635-03 - Rate and extent of burning test
ASTM D1929-96 - Ignition temperature test
ASTM D2843-99 - Smoke density from burning test

Cycle Test
ANSI A250.4-2001 - Acceptance criteria for physical endurance for steel doors, frames, frame anchors and hardware reinforcement

Blast Loading - Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC)
ASTM F 1642-04 - Standard test method for AirBlast Loading
GSA-TS01-2003 - US General Service Administration standard test method for Dynamic Overpressure Loadings

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  • Restaurant
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Chemical
  • Cleanrooms
  • Cold Storage
  • Food Service
  • Water / Wastewater

  • Temperature - Cooler and Freezer
  • Moisture - High Humidity or Frequent Washdown
  • Fire - Non-Rated
  • Corrosion - Highly Corrosive Setting

  •  Windows
  •  Impact Plate
  •  Security Lock
  •  Kick Plate
  •  Push Plate and Pull Handle