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Fib-R-Lite Fiberglass Doors

Fib-R-Lite fiberglass door systems are the only choice when your application demands durability, quality, performance and value in a corrosion resistant door. Fib-R-Lite fiberglass doors are designed to stand the test of time in challenging conditions including food processing, food service, institutions, and car washes. Fib-R-Lite doors are also an excellent choice for coastal applications including exterior openings with high humidity and severe wind conditions.

Manufacturing Method
Fib-R-Lite door systems utilize corrosion resistant materials and manufacturing methods, resulting in a door system that will stand up to harsh chemicals, strong cleaning agents, saltwater and other corrosive elements. The standard fine pebble finish on the Fib-R-Lite has proven to be a cost effective solution in applications that require a fiberglass door. All Fib-R-Lite door systems are covered under a lifetime warranty against failure due to corrosion.

Every Fib-R-Lite fiberglass door is fabricated using the most advanced composite materials and technology. Each fiberglass component is engineered, designed and constructed specifically for superior door construction. The doors are manufactured utilizing fiberglass pultruded components, maximizing strength, chemical resistance and eliminating the possibility of delamination.

Door Surface
Fib-R-Lite’s door surface comes standard with a fine pebble textured finish and is available with a post-applied 15 mil gel coat matte finish. Both finishes are resistant to harsh chemicals, cleaning agents and saltwater. The standard gel-coat finish eliminates the need for field finishing, and is comparable to the strength and durability of 20 coats of paint.

Internal Construction
Structural pultruded fiberglass components permanently bond to the door skin and core material, creating a strong yet lightweight, durable panel. The same structural pultrusion is used for internal reinforcement at hinge locations.

Core Materials
The standard Fib-R-Lite door is filled with a phenolic impregnated resin honeycomb core. Optional cores including polypropylene honeycomb, polyisocyanurate foam, or a mineral core used for fire rated doors with up to 90 minute labels are available.

Lite Kit Options
Fib-R-Lite doors can be supplied with an optional two piece post-applied FRP Lite Kit in an array of sizes. These attractive two piece kits are secured with no exposed fasteners and are available with polycarbonate or glass products, including laminate, temper or wire glass.

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  • Industrial
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Food Service
  • Prisons/Correctional
  • Water / Wastewater
  • Warehouse Distribution

  • Temperature -
  • Moisture - Washdown
  • Fire -
  • Corrosion - Highly Corrosive Setting