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Chase Corrections Corrosion Resistant Gate Door

The Chase Corrections Corrosion Resistant Gate Door is ideal for use in shower and lavatory areas of correctional and institutional facilities. It is an economical alternative to expensive stainless steel shower doors as well as a more durable solution to shower curtains. The gate door panel is easy to clean and eliminates the concern of mold, mildew and the passage of contagious diseases common with shower curtains. The door is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance which saves time, money and labor.

Panel Construction Lightweight yet durable, the door panels are constructed of thick, stress relieved high-density polyethylene. The material is textured and has the color throughout, hiding normal dents and scratches.

Visibility- Offers the inmate a sense of privacy while allowing the guard to monitor activities above and below the door.

Hinge The full length, anodized aluminum back spine contains the in-line cam, coil spring, gravity-assist hinge system which centers the door back to the closed position with maximum allowable panel deflection 1/4" per 36" meeting industry standards for HDPE material. The back spine is riveted to the door panel and includes upper and lower stainless steel hinges.

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  • Prisons/Correctional

  • Temperature - Ambient
  • Moisture - High Humidity or Frequent Washdown
  • Fire - Non-Rated
  • Corrosion - None

  •  USDA Accepted