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ColdGuard® Sliding Cold Storage Doors

ColdGuard® Sliding Cold Storage Doors

ColdGuard horizontal sliding door is designed for high cycle, abusive applications and is the workhorse of our product offering. Chase Doors knows durability is the key to long life in a horizontal sliding door, so the ColdGuard sliding door features a heavy duty FRP framework, heavy duty track system with anti-up thrust roller assembly and molded polymer casings. These “best in class” features all come in either manual or motor operated systems. ColdGuard is available in single and biparting doors for both cooler and freezer applications.

PerfectSeal™ Gasket System

Most major cold storage door manufacturers utilize a balloon type seal that is either attached to the jamb casing or the door panel. This type of seal is subject to wear and tear during normal operation and is easily damaged. Unlike traditional cold storage doors where the gasket is on the front face, the PerfectSeal gasket system utilizes a two-ply, fabric reinforced blade seal against the top and side edges of the door panel. This solves a number of issues including frequent replacement of worn out seals, wear and tear on sealing surfaces and gasket damage from impact. It also minimizes air infiltration and moisture problems common to traditional cold storage doors.

Sliding Door Track and Hold Close Bracket

Sliding cold storage door systems have to stand up to extreme conditions and heavy usage every day. Our SD (standard duty) and EHD (extreme heavy duty) track systems have been designed to perform reliable for years with virtually no required maintenance. Our SD model is designed for smaller to midsize doors (6’ wide or less) while the EHD model is ideal for any size door in the most abusive environment. An optional hood system is available with the EHD track. Manual doors come standard with an adjustable track mounted hold close bracket. The hold close device prevents “bounce back” on manually operated doors.

Roller Assembly

The roller assembly with built in anti-lift device allows for easy installation and will retain its adjustment even when the door is bumped, eliminating any secondary adjustments required. The jack bolt makes it is easy to raise and lower the door for proper height, making the door easy to open and close. Permanently lubricated rollers provide smooth, quiet performance.

The Perfect Combination

Combine the PefectSeal gasket system with the ColdGuard track and eliminate the traditional “down and in” closing motion. Traditional cold storage doors have a track system that causes premature wear of the gaskets by pulling the panel down and in towards the gasket when closed. This ensures a positive seal, but makes the door difficult to open. The PerfectSeal gasket system eliminates the need for this, making the door easier to operate. Simple is better.

Under Panel Guide System

All ColdGuard cold storage doors incorporate an adjustable floor guide system that installs under the door panel. This concealed design eliminates the floor rollers that many cold storage doors require. The under panel guide is easy to install, can be adjusted for a perfect seal, and has a much cleaner look than bulky rollers that are prone to being hit by loads passing through the opening. For more details on this option view the installation video on

Design Features

Specially designed gusseted steel corner brackets are machined to perfectly fit inside the profile of the FRP pultrusions, providing exceptional frame strength and eliminating the need for aluminum, wood and PVC bracing

Unique design allows Non-CFC foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation to lock components in place with the fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP), producing an extremely durable, insulated panel

Door panels are available in 4” and 6” panel thickness with an R Value of 32 and 48, respectively

Maintenance free heavy duty extruded aluminum track rail with two 70 pound capacity 1-1/4” wide x 4” diameter double ball bearing polyurethane rollers, rollers backed with lifetime warranty

Heavy duty UHMW under-panel track guides with stainless channel guide the sliding panel as it opens and closes

Freezer doors have perimeter heat to prevent moisture or ice buildup

Electric models feature a manual emergency release on both sides of the door to allow access during power failure, all freezer doors are ETL listed

All door components including track, panel gasket system and optional operator are designed to provide years of trouble free service

Factory tested and shipped ready for installation

All doors are custom manufactured to your exact requirements

Optional Operators Include

Standard Electric Operator:

Totally enclosed, fan cooled, 1/2 HP, instant reversing, electric motor operating at 18” per second travel speed for a single slide and 36” per second for a bi-parting slide.

Panel mounted reverse edges

Heavy duty enclosed gear drive with adjustable torque limiter

Manual disconnect including inside safety release

1900VS-C Microprocessor Control System Operator

90V D.C. permanent magnet motor

Versatile, multi-functional PLC control panel

Adjustable opening and closing speeds

Sophisticated encoder keeps track of the door position without the use of limit switches

Troubleshooting is easy with self-diagnostic system

1900-RLS Operator

Includes pre-wire components

Variable speed operation with soft start/stop

Rotary Limit Switch

NEMA 4X control box

Permanently lubricated components and self-diagnostics reduce troubleshooting and maintenance that is typical on many door systems

Options for Motor Operated Doors

Radio control, motion detection, photo eyes, induction floor loop activators

3 button control station

Time delay close

Nema 4 control box

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  • Supermarket
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Cold Storage
  • Food Service
  • Prisons/Correctional
  • Warehouse Distribution

  • Temperature - Cooler and Freezer
  • Moisture - High Humidity or Frequent Washdown
  • Fire - Non-Rated
  • Corrosion - None

  •  Cladding: stainless steel
  •  Cladding: embossed white aluminum
  •  Cladding: embossed mill aluminum
  •  Cladding: smooth white aluminum
  •  Cladding: smooth white galvanized
  •  Cladding: smooth galvalume
  •  Backup mirror image casing
  •  Jamb wall caps
  •  Polished aluminum diamond tread kick plates
  •  18 gauge satin finish stainless steel kick plates
  •  Heated or non-heated vision windows
  •  Heated or non-heated threshold
  •  6” door thickness for extreme cold environments
  •  Custom sizes available
  •  Heavy duty operator
  •  A variety of activators
  •  Time delay close
  •  Electric interlock
  •  3-button partial opening control (close-open-stop)
  •  Thru-wall jambs (MPP)
  •  Padlock locking devices (available with electric interlock)
  •  Wicket door
  •  Metal clad vertical casings and header
  •  Track hood or motor hood for outdoor and washdown applications
  •  Full anodized extruded aluminum track cover (EHD model only)