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Pallet Jack
Motorized Pallet Jack

Durulite Retailer Door

Durulite Retailer doors are constructed with rotationally molded rotationally molded polyethylene, making them extremely durable and capable of withstanding the wear and tear associated with sales-to-back room and walk-in cooler openings in high volume retail establishments. Known for their long-term value, they are ideal for use in supermarkets, retail establishments, institutions, restaurants and food service operations as they provide a visual separation, sound barrier and thermal separation. The door is designed to comply with all USDA sanitation requirements and is NSF approved.

Door Panel It is lightweight, opens easily and closes every time. Overall panel thickness is 1-1/2, skin thickness is 1/8 and the door can be sized up to a 8 x 10. Rotationally molded polyethylene outer skin retains its properties to 40F.

Insulated Core High density, Non-CFC urethane core is foamed-in-place to ensure a tenacious bond between the core and outer skin, providing sound abatement and excellent thermal separation with an R factor of 9.86.

Internal Reinforcement A 1 diameter hinge post is molded in the door and runs the full length of the panel. The hinge post sets into the jamb guard for structural stability and strength. The leading edge is reinforced with an aluminum extrusion adding additional structural support.

Gasketing Replaceable perimeter edge gasketing is used to reduce energy flow between environments. The door comes standard with a gasket along the leading, back and bottom edges. Partially gasket doors are available.

Upper Hinge Patented v-cam hinge system can travel up to 120 degree in each direction.

Lower Hinge Assembly The lower hinge assembly holds the lower hinge post in position, preventing horizontal movement of the door. It also serves as a lower hinge guard, protecting the lower hinge post from impact damage.

Window Large polycarbonate windows are virtually scratch resistant.

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  • Supermarket
  • Retail
  • Institutional
  • Food Service
  • Warehouse Distribution

  • Temperature - Cooler
  • Moisture - High Humidity or Frequent Washdown
  • Fire - Non-Rated
  • Corrosion - None

  •  Windows
  •  Bumpers
  •  Hinge Guard
  •  Impact Plate
  •  Cart Guards/Rub Rails
  •  Double Pane Window
  •  Kick Plate
  •  Push Plate and Pull Handle
  •  Hold Open Device
  •  NSF Tested and Certified
  •  USDA Accepted