See what our customers have to say . . .

(D. Yarnell – Pt Colborne, ON - July, 2015)

I found the product superior to any other suppliers product I have dealt with. Your sales reps are very co-operative and ready to assist at anytime. Your plant customer service are very helpful in resolving any issues that arise. I appreciate the effort they make to communicate with me so that I can let my customers know what is happening in a timely manner.

(J. Jurado – Panama City, FL - July, 2015)

Excellent service, shipment on time and with all documents ready when shipment is done.

(D. Lenihan – Cherry Hill, NJ - July, 2015)

I gave this score because the product is obviously essential to the projects we work with, furthermore the ordering process could not be any simpler. The dimensions, sizes & specs are all perfect and filled out for us. The only thing we need to do is give a shipping address and sign the bottom. It is very convenient and helpful. As a P.M. there are a lot of tasks happening at any one time and by having such an easy ordering process, I am able to cross another item off my to do list quicker. Also, our customer service rep was a tremendous help throughout my ordering process. He is not only knowledgeable, but very informative and willing to work with you to help fulfill the necessary orders. In my particular case, I had a handful of orders that needed to be handled simultaneously and promptly. Our rep was a great help to me and I hope he is recognized for his hard work and helpfulness. His services and attentiveness to customers' needs and wants is a driving factor of the score I gave your company.

(Z. Anhorn – Milwaukie, OR - July, 2015)

You provide the best product and give our customers that in a timely fashion.

(D. Ahrens – Saint Cloud, FL - July, 2015)

You have good prices, quality products, cosistency and are easy to order from.

(P. Gallardo – Boca Raton, FL - July, 2015)

We have long standing business relationships with our reps in your sales dept. They have always handled our transactions in a courteous and efficient manor.

(K. Bockenstette – Cincinnati, OH - June, 2015)

Excellent response time to quote requests, interpretation of specifications, pricing, additional information about what else is available on a specific product line are all factors into this great company.

(S. Gagan – Markham, ON - June, 2015)

I would definately recommend Chase Doors to other people. The e-mails provided to me in advance of shipping keep me in the loop as to where my order is in production. As soon as my order is shipped, I receive excellent freight and tracking information which makes my life so much easier.

(R. Barker – Tampa, FL - June, 2015)

Every product we have purchased is high quality.

(M. Caldwell – Lexington, KY - June, 2015)

I have been well pleased since I started using Chase. Promptness in returning requests for pricing is a big factor for me. I need pricing when I need pricing. Good customer service and our sales representative returns our phone calls promptly. Material ships when it's scheduled. My customers know I will hav ethe product in a timely manner and can schedule their work. Reasonable pricing. A good product at a great price.

(F. Maddow – Raleigh, NC - June, 2015)

Customer service was outstanding during the ordering phase and the product shipped on time.

(J. Ombach – Salt LAke City, UT - June, 2015)

You are easy to deal with, things are explained well to get the order completed, you also seem to always hit the ship date.

(C. Mast – Cedar Falls, IA - June, 2015)

Your workers are Knowledgeable and friendly, you also have very good products.

(N. McGinnis – Springfield, PA - April, 2015)

We work with our rep and when requesting quotes for doors, he is always on top of any errors we may include such as measurements or door type or transposing numbers. He is very quick with responses and accurate with the details. A pleasure to work with.

(J. Decker – Tempe, AZ - April, 2015)

You were able to produce the doors I needed with the specifications I needed in the time I was given by the customer. You were extremely helpful at every point in the sale and approval process.

(K. Canzoneri – Houston, TX - April, 2015)

This was my first order with Chase, the rep and factory customer service went out of there way to help me correctly specify and place the order on (3) slide cooler doors to insure it was correct. The order arrived at the required date, it was a effortless process.

(J. Amirault – Pubnico, Canada - April, 2015)

This is my third order in the last 5 years for fibr doors to replace existing galvanized steel doors that are rusting badly with our salt water environment. With your method of specification sheets it works well to get things correct.

(T. Hanson – Augusta, ME - April, 2015)

The sales rep was knowledgeable and prompt in e-mailing a quote. I had asked for delivery at a specific time which was a few months away and it was not a problem at all. When the product was delivered it was well protected in a wood crate. I was very satisfied with the overall experience.

(K. Schlitzer – Hutchinson, KS - April, 2015)

I give you a 9. The only reason you did not receive a 10 is because Midway thru this process our salesman Andrew left and it took me a while to figure out how to proceed with the order. After that the communication and and the performance was terrific. The doors were promised on a specific date, I was notified that they were shipping according to plan and ultimately my customer was happy. So.......Thanks You!

(H. Vavul – Astoria, NY - April, 2015)

Your Reps are exceptional. They are professional, responsive and knowledgeable.

(G. Schulz – Edmonton, Canada - April, 2015)

Our company....myself included, always promote Chase products for their quality and fair market pricing.

(B. Best – Lakeland, FL - April, 2015)

The sales reps are always quick to respond and to generate quotes in an extremely quick and efficient manner. It makes my life much easier when putting together proposals that include your doors.

(K. Hulsing – Topeka, KS - April, 2015)

The ease of processing an order. From the shop drawing/submittals that are present on the website that are easily converted to our projects to the great email communications that I get once the order is submitted and lastly the consistent quality of your doors. I give you a 10.

(G. Kas – Onalaska, WI - April, 2015)

The rep went out of his way to handle the replacement door order as quickly as he could.

(B. Miller – Merrill, WI - March, 2015)

I have been a Chase/Durus buyer for years. Rough and tough applications or high traffic areas, I feel that they have the door to fulfill your needs. You pay a little more for better quality.

(R. Wimsatt – Elizabethtown, KY - March, 2015)

You have a good product, provide good customer service and always try to meet our expectations. Why not a 10? The amount of time it takes to get a set of doors.

(S. Bozeman – Riverside, CA - March, 2015)

I give your company a 10 because I always get my orders on time.

(M. Dimico – Federal Way, WA - March, 2015)

I have used Chase for many years as a HVACR wholesaler. They have always provided great customer service combined with a quality product. On this particular order they were able to research the specs on an old Chase job# and provide exact matched replacements. This was a great help to my customer to make the installation process to go smoothly. In fact, this resulted in another duplicate order! On a scale of 1-10, I rate Chase Doors as a 10. I would defiantly recommend Chase to others, and have done so.

(M. D'vila – Laredo, TX - March, 2015)

I give Chasedoors a 9 out of 10. Quotes are sent fairly soon and detailed, door quality is very good, brochure and technical information is precise. The only reason I dont give a 10 is that I had an issue on a recent order where I was informed that the PO was not processed for some internal issue or misscommunication, wich delayed greatly the delivery.

(J. Borchers – Dayton, OH - March, 2015)

The check out sheets are very detailed so order is correct with customizations like Color, size, and accessories ect.

(C. Ponchio – Stuart, FL - March, 2015)

Very helpful initial customer service in getting all information updated and processed. Your eta on deliveries were off by about 10 days although it was understood that the doors would take time to be made and shipped.In the future, a little better estimations of shippment dates would help.

(J. Witt – Ft. Lauderdale, FL - March, 2015)

I would rate your company a 10. We like the durability of the doors and curtains and they handle customer use very well.

(J. Sudkamp – Independence, KY - March, 2015)

We only buy strip material from Chase and when we do the order is filled in a very short time. Yes! I would recommend Chase to other companies if they needed strip curtain material or impact doors. I have been ordering the pre-punched material in two lengths and have only needed to trim a piece a couple of times.

(A. Pouliot – St. Romuald, QC - March, 2015)

We order your products every week since a few years and we almost never have any problems. Almost never have problems with shipping, invoicing, accuracy of the order and customer service. We are dealing with a lot of other suppliers and you are one of the best.

(M. Nozel – Vancouver, WA - March, 2015)

I will be recommending your company each time someone asks me about my solid core, stainless steel swinging door, located between my kitchen and pantry. The primary reason for this recommendation is the quality of the door, of which I am greatly satisfied. I am confident that this door will last a lifetime, and provide trouble-free service. The secondary reason is the service I received from your customer service rep, and her virtually infinite patience with my quest for the perfect door to go into my home during an extensive remodel.

(J. Rojo – Anaheim, CA - March, 2015)

I would rate your company a 10. My reason for that is based primarily on your customer service. After reviewing the acknowledgement that was provided, there was a change that needed to be and that was taken care of quickly by your staff.

(D. Casperson – Modesto, CA - March, 2015)

Chase products are always good and customer service is very good.

(R. Johnson – Capistrano Beach, CA - March, 2015)

The shipping was fast and my sales rep was quick and efficient with any request I had.

(D. Bugay – Fort Lauderdale, FL - March, 2015)

I always get prompt quotes and fast order turn around.

(K. Didio – Charlotte, NC - March, 2015)

Chase has fast turnaround, is easy to work with and has great customer service.

(S. Beltran – San Antonio, TX - March, 2015)

The response time from Regional and Factory are beyond my expectations. The order process is smooth and the technical help is responsive. Dealing with other manufactures I would have to say that Chase is in a league of its own.

(K. Kungel – Edina, MN - March, 2015)

You have quality doors and great customer service.

(M. Campisano Jr. – Louisville, KY - March, 2015)

Like many small businesses, our employees wear many hats and have multiple responsibilities. My time is valuable and I don't like waiting 3 or 4 days to get a quote from a supplier. I don't like making my customer wait a week to get a proposal from me on a certain item or service. When I have a customer needing a price on a part or equipment or accessory, I need to get back to them quickly. When I request a quote from Chase Doors, I get a quick response. When I place an order based on that quote, I get a quick response with order confirmation and lead times etc. I know that my order was received and don't have to wonder and hope someone in the office received it. Because of this kind of customer service, we no longer buy strip curtain doors or strip material from our old supplier. We buy it from Chase Doors.

(S. Tyra – Portland, TN - March, 2015)

I would rate this company a 10 because overall handling of the purchase. I had some concerns over material that would be used and the chemicals that we use in the plant and all questions were answered in a timely manner. The purchase was handled with ease and door arrived on time. Very good company to work with.

(M. Graham – Ardmore, OK - February, 2015)

The Customer Service Rep was great to work with.

(S. Amato – Phoenix, AZ - February, 2015)

Great Customer Service, Knowledge of product, Great product quality.

(M. Miner – Gilbert, AZ - February, 2015)

We have been installing Chase doors in grocery stores for many years.

(T. Zipperer – Denver, CO - February, 2015)

The team at Chase Doors is easy to deal with and extremely consistent. We have always received quotes in a timely manner and lead times for production and delivery are typically faster than their competition. Chase has become our "go-to" vendor for doors.

(J. Laing – Tipp City, OH - February, 2015)

You guys are one of the most reliable and consistent suppliers we have had the privilege of using.

(M. Shepherd – Bowling Green, KY - February, 2015)

Your Sales Rep is amazing, if I need a quote on anything, she responds within minutes, If I don't really know what the customer needs she is very helpful in figuring the correct product of their needs. That make a much happier customer in the end. Everybody sells double acting traffic doors, and we have several FRP suppliers. But no one in the business provides quicker quotes, or is more helpful for me during estimating. Bottom line customer services sells Doors!

(D. Kunsman – Chattanooga, TN - February, 2015)

We called Chase because it was the brand already in place for strip curtains. The order was received in a timely manner although the order was a mix of our order and another companies order, your customer service rep took care of us. We will recommend your product if or when needed.

(Anonymous – Rancho Mirage, CA - February, 2015)

Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable and friendly, also I like the quality of the doors they look great. I would order from Chase again.

(B. Padelford – Cerritos, CA - February, 2015)

We've been using Chase for years because their reliability is absolutely unmatched.

(V. Friel – Rensselaer, NY - January, 2015)

I am very satisfied with the quality of the doors.

(L. Alonso – Rosemead, CA - January, 2015)

Chase has helped us fulfill our restaurant T.I.'s for years and we are happy with the great overall service. The quality is great, the sizing is almost exact to our order and the look is phenomenal. Thank you Chase for the hard work and exceptional job that you have given to us every order.

(J. Lehman – Greenleaf, ID - January, 2015)

Your Sales Rep is doing a good job with getting us information and quotes as needed.

(M. White – McHenry, IL - January, 2015)

Your engineer was helpful and accessible.

(Anonymous – Sandy Hook, VA - January, 2015)

I always try to use the Chase product when I have a need. The price, quality, timely delivery, good customer service and ease of installation is a major factor.

(J. Nasso – Garden City, NY - December, 2014)

Working with our customer service reps was a pleasure.

(D. Maguire – Dashwood, ON - December, 2014)

The old adage of "you get what you pay for." Does not apply to Chase Doors. "You get what you pay for and more" Quality, dependable, durable, great value...the adjectives are plenty.

(S. Orf – St. Louis, MO - November, 2014)

I have used Chase on a handful of projects in the past and have always had a good experience. I have not once experienced any type of issue or problem in service, delivery or quality.

(H. Valdovinos – Rancho Cucamonga, CA - November, 2014)

Getting in touch with you was easy, so was placing the order. Thank you.

(Michael – Denair, CA - November, 2014)

Our company does a lot of industrial work and through the years chase doors have proven themselves.

(B. Stifle – Denver, CO - November, 2014)

I have received very pleasant, helpful and prompt service from Chase. I highly recommend them.

(S. Smith – Coos Bay, OR - November, 2014)

Great customer service and quality product.

(S. Smith – Coos Bay, OR - November, 2014)

Great customer service and quality product.

(P. Thompson – Shallowater, TX - November, 2014)

I really like the doors. They were super easy to install and the hold-back kit works fine. I was pleased with the construction. We have some older chase doors leading to our loading dock which are much heavier and I'm glad I got these lighter weight doors. If I ever close up shop, I can cut these things into little squares and sell them as red cutting boards!

Originally I found out about you all because I saw your name on some doors I liked in Lowes about 15 years ago and I bought those older blue doors I mentioned. Those have held up so I looked you up again when I needed these red ones.

Take care...and thanks for the nice product.

(C. Mata – Saginaw, MI - October, 2014)

Contractors like the ease of installation.

(Jerry – Johnson City, TN - October, 2014)

Good product, good company, hope to do more business in future.

(Jerry – Johnson City, TN - October, 2014)

Good product, good company, hope to do more business in future.

(D. Filippo – Vancouver, WA - October, 2014)

You have a great line of products with a high standard of Quality. Price seems to be far. Your staffs replies, and support are great.

(J. Ada – Gastonia, NC - October, 2014)

Chase door makes a quality product that is easy to install looks great and handles lots of abuse from the end user.

(Spartanburg, SC - October, 2014)

My rep is quick getting me quotes and "any" information that I need to care for my customers!

(B. Zubick – Langley, BC - September, 2014)

The customer service is great. My quotation was back in a timely manner and when I placed the order with Chase I received my order confirmation and a follow-up call from my sales rep. The material arrive well within the required time frame. It was complete with no back orders. My invoicing arrived shortly after I received the material and matched the quotation to the penny.

(Craig – Lynwood, CA - September, 2014)

I have always received good customer service from your company and my sales rep is always on top with excellent information and guidance.

(Mike S. – Norfolk, NE - September, 2014)

Great doors - good price and we've had no issues.

(C. Wright–Springfield, VA–Aug, 2014– Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Chase Doors are easy to install and very durable, which is why I quote these doors whenever a customer needs a quote for impact doors.

(C. Steckler–Fargo, ND–Aug, 2014– Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Chase has been an excellent company to work with in terms of help, advice, shipping, quality, and service.

(C. Moldon–Orlando, Fl–July, 2014– Double-Acting Traffic Doors)

Chase provided me with a quality product that is easy to install. I am completely satisfied.

(K. Freiburger–Fort Wayne IN–July, 2014– Traffic Door)

Chase Doors are great for high traffic areas. They stand up to the most abuse of any of the commercial doors we carry and are still light weight enough to be user friendly.

(D. Lingerfelt–East Point, GA–July, 2014– Strip Door)

It was very easy to work with Chase Doors and they know the product very well.

(M. Lipchik–Brooklyn, NY–July, 2014– ColdGuard Coldstorage Door)

Chase Doors is a reputable company delivering value for the money.

(T. Kush–New Castle, DE–July, 2014– Double-Acting Traffic Door)

My Sales person was excellent! Very professional, quick to respond with quotes and delivery dates. Material arrived on time.

(E. Baseline–Novi, MI–July, 2014– Flexible Traffic Door)

The Chase sales staff is easy to work with and very supportive.

(K. Meyer–Kansas City, MO–July, 2014– ColdGuard Coldstorage Door)

The Chase customer service was great.

(J. Eddingfield–Perrysburg, OH–July, 2014– DuraShield Door Unit)

Very pleased with the product and the service received from customer service.

(D. McDonald–Richmond, VA– July, 2014 – ColdGuard Cold Storage Door)

Worked with customer service on getting these doors to me on a rush job. They made it happen. I couldn’t be happier.

(K. Crumley–Brookings, OR–July, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

We have been purchasing Chase doors over the last 20 plus years and find the doors hold up under some of the worse conditions a vendor can dish out.

(S. Martinez–Shenandoah, TX–July, 2014 – Flexible Traffic Door and Double Acting Traffic Door)

Chase provides great customer service. The sales personnel are friendly and helpful.

(P. Lazeki–Daytona Beach, FL–July, 2014 – Replacement Strips)

The delivery time was amazing on this last order. Good customer service team and a great product for refrigerated storage.

(D. Martin–July, 2014 – Replacement Strips)

Awesome experience with Chase and the staff is very helpful with knowledge of the product.

(M. MacPhee–July, 2014 – Traffic Door)

I have dealt with customer service on three jobs and all three have gone extremely well.

(D. Dingey–Columbus, OH–June, 2014 – Cold Storage Doors)

The Chase experience was pleasant and with thorough customer service.

(M. Rose–Derry, NH–June, 2014 – Durashield Door Unit)

The bug door group does a great job supporting our efforts in a timely fashion. Great product, good price and quick ship.

(A. Caldon–Bartlett, TN–June, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

I enjoy the Chase experience and the friendly service and the knowledge of the equipment.

(A. Caldon–Bartlett, TN–June, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

I enjoy the Chase experience and the friendly service and the knowledge of the equipment.

(D. Dingey–Columbus, OH– June, 2014 – Cold Storage Door)

Pleasant and thorough customer service.

(M. Rose–Derry, NH– June, 2014 – DuraShield Door Unit )

Customer service rep does and exceptional job supporting our efforts.

(C. McGinty–Bryant, AZ– June, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door )

The people I had dealt with knew the right questions to ask and provided me with just the right materials to complete the project ON TIME. Very Pleased.

(D. Baumgarten–Tomah, WI– June, 2014 – Strip Door)

Been purchasing Chase for years because of the exceptional quality.

(T. Thorne–Lebanon, TN– June, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Very durable doors for warehouse to showroom use and really help to block out heat and cold temperatures.

(R. Pearce–Marion, IN– June, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Chase Doors is good to work with and provides a quality product at a competitive price.

(T. Garrett–Johnson City, TN– June, 2014 – Strip Door)

We have always found Chase to be easy to work with and Sales Rep very knowledgeable and friendly

(G. Gustafson–Lafayette, LA– June, 2014 – Saino Sliding Doors)

The customer had a drop dead deadline for the door to be on site and Chase bent over backwards to make it happen. Customer is very pleased which means that I am very pleased. Thanks Chase!

(M. Smith– Des Moines, IA – April, 2014 – Fib-R-Lite Door Unit)

Will recommend product to others.

(P. Hardy–Salt Lake City, UT– May, 2014 – Traffic Door)

Chase Doors are a great product!

(A. Schwartz–Austin, TX– May, 2014 – Traffic Door)

Chase Doors was quick to response to pricing requests and order processing.

(J. Haren–Austin, TX– June, 2014 – FibRDoor Door Unit)

I’ve had years of experience with Chase and really like the price and quality of products.

(R. Pearce–Marion, IN– June, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Company is good to work with and provides a quality product at a competitive price.

(R. Arnosky–Berlin, NJ– May, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

I am a returning customer and the experience was great.

(B. Katzenberger–New Windsor, MD– May, 2014 – ColdGuard Coldstorage Door)

Customer service is prompt, knowledgeable and pleasant makes our job easier on the ordering side.

(B. Cameron–Longmont, CO–May, 2014– Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Customer Service always does an awesome job.

(B. Cameron–Longmont, CO–May, 2014– Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Customer Service always does an awesome job.

(M. Ferruccio–Warwick, RI–May, 2014– Traffic Door)

I was extremely satisfied with the help that was provided to me in ordering a custom door. Chase doors was very helpful on the phone and worked with me to satisfy all of my needs and gave me a great price on the door.

(A. Hill–San Antonio, TX–May, 2014– Double-Acting Traffic Door )

The customer service was a great help.

(R. Thomason– El Paso, TX – May, 2014 – Flexible Traffic Door)

Your service is great for getting correct parts request and delivery in a timely manner.

(A. Sherman– Anderson, MO – May, 2014 – FibRdor)

Product was easy to install and would recommend this product to others.

(– Lakeland, FL – May, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

My customer service rep has always given me great service.

(Tanya– Kamloops, BC – May, 2014 – ColdGuard Coldstorage Door)

The service we received was prompt and very informative. I was very impressed with the individual help and consultation I received.

(M. Towne– Fort Worth, TX – May, 2014 – ColdGuard Coldstorage Door)

There have been no problems on previous orders and would absolutely recommend the product to others.

(A. Bilgine– Green Bay, WI – May, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Product was received in a timely manner.

(J. Harper– Nashville, TN – May, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Working with my rep, the ordering process is easy and does not take a lot of time.

(S. Hoffart– Plymouth, MN - April, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

The customer service person and rep are great people to work with. When needed they help out in any way possible.

(– Abbotsford, WI – April, 2014 – )

Very high quality durable material with long life, great service.

(Andrew– Newmarket, ON – April, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

Product will specifically be used for a warehouse and was received in a timely manner.

(E. Klenk– Philadelphia, PA - April, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

Certainly would recommend this product to others.

(L. Scekeres– Homestead, PA - April, 2014 – )

Product was easy to install and would recommend the product to others.

(Cory– Atlantic City, NJ - April, 2014 – FibRDor )

We love you guys and your service and your products!

(B. Sawyer– Swanton, VT - April, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door )

Product was received in a timely manner and would recommend this product to others.

(J. Drescher– Appleton, WI – April, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door )

Would recommend this product to others.

(L. Schulz– Centennial, CO – April, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door )

Turnaround time on pricing requests is very timely and my customer service rep was easy to work with.

(R. Furan– Atlanta, GA – April, 2014 – )

Quality strip curtain material at a competitive price.

(John– Blackwood, NJ – April, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

The product came in as requested and was installed with no problems.

(D. Hamlin– Portland, OR – April, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Everything went fairly smoothly.

(M. Towne– Fort Worth, TX – April, 2014 – ColdGuard Coldstorage Door)

Overall excellent experience.

(Rory– Edmonton, AB – April, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door)

Product was received in a timely manner and product was easy to install.

(M. Delage – Thief River Falls, MN - April, 2014 – ColdGuard Coldstorage Door)

So far everything has been good from sales to service.

(O. Rodriguez – Austin, MN - April, 2014 – Flexible Traffic Door)

I always enjoy calling my customer service rep at Chase Doors.

(P. White – Atlanta, GA - April, 2014 – )

Would recommend this product to others.

(G. Perkins– Buffalo, NY - March, 2014 – Double-Acting Traffic Door )

We have been a vendor for many years and have not received any calls with problems.

(A. Baran– Georgetown, TX - March, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

No issue with ordering, delivery dates or pricing. Very satisfied with personnel and communications.

(B. Johnson – Lancaster, PA - March, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Please keep up the quick response times for quotes. Thanks for your help.

(K. O'Neill Iglesias – Fort Lauderdale, FL - March, 2014 – Flexible Traffic Door)

I have been in the industry 42 years and would recommend this product to others.

(A. Dunmire – Homestead, PA - March, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

Chase Doors offer quality products that have held up within our restaurants.

(Gene – Van, TX - March, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

You are fortunate to have such qualified, dedicated personnel!

(Gary – Malverne, NY - March, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

Door was easy to install and would recommend this product to others.

(Ted – Westhampton Beach, NY - March, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

Very easy to deal with customer service and shipping was on time even during the busy December shipping time frame.

(R. Shafchuk – Tarpon Springs, FL - March, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

As for installation, never had a problem.

(D. Calloway – Tampa, FL - March, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

The product was easy to install.

(J. Osgood– Hanover, MA - March, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

The Chase Durulite line of doors are the highest quality insulated traffic doors on the market and the doors other door manufacturers try to imitate.

(W. Overton, Jr. – Mechanicsville, VA - February, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

Has been dealing with Chase for years and would recommend this product to others.

(S. Hoffart – Plymouth, MN - January, 2014 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

The product was received in a timely manner and easy to install. I would recommend the product to others. I Have nothing but good experience with CSR and Reps as far as getting what is needed.

(Daniel – Centennial, CO - January, 2014 – Traffic Doors)

We were pleased with the product, and our customer seems to be pleased as well. Thank you.

(B. Doughty – Croydon, PA - December, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Product has always been of excellent quality and I highly recommend if your looking for an impact door , Chase Door is the perfect choice.

(S. Miller – Garden City, ID - December, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

The parts person I spoke to was very professional and helpful in providing the information needed to make sure we were getting the right size product. I will certainly do business with your company moving forward.

(Victor – Crestwood, IL - December, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

I love your product. It is very good and easy to install for my techs. Your Durulite Impact Doors are great. You show the sample product and it sells itself.

(J. Flynn – Alexandria, LA - December, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Having a local sales rep whom we can communicate with, get quote and place order. "One Stop Shopping" makes it easy to buy from.

(D. Seaton – Farmington, NM - December, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Extremely satisfied with the product. The product arrived on the exact day they said it would. The product was a perfect fit to the measurements we took. I would recommend this product to everyone. The customer service was excellent it arrived in a timely manner and arrived in perfect condition. All materials were pack extremely well right down to the nuts and bolts. Thank you for a good product.

(R. Ritter – Ephrata, PA - November, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

We had used Durulite doors in the past and a customer asked if they are still available. A online search came up with the Chase website.

(D. Deda – Missoula, MT - November, 2013 – PVC Roll Goods)

Very good customer service. Product literature and/or a line card would be helpful.

(A. Edge – Nashville, TN - November, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Friendly, helpful customer service - When Assistance is offered, the ordering is easier, which makes me want to use Chase more often.

(D. Hunt – Charleston, SC - November, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Our customer service rep was excellent! Very professional and responsive and certainly a pleasure to deal with!

(S. Kottke – Des Moines, IA - November, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Have used your product for years.

(D. Castelli – Burlington, MA - November, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

I have been in the Foodservice equipment industry for over 15 years and Chase had always been used in our Kitchen applications when necessary.

(Luis – Pompano Beach, FL - November, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Easy to install and would recommend this product to others.

(P. Goldense – Norfolk, MA - November, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

We do design build work and recommended this product.

(J. Minshall – Cornelius, OR - October, 2013 – Strip Doors)

Everything was excellent!

(E. Ladwig – Lino Lakes, MN - October, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Great product, great service.

(P. Corcoran – Richboro, PA - October, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Everything was fine and the delivery time was exactly as I was informed on the front end. This was for a kitchen door was, delivery time was critical. We are in the Excell buying group and yes, I would definitely purchase again.

(S. Pfeiffer – Santa Rosa, CA - October, 2013 – PVC Roll Goods)

Chase sells quality products at a great price with great service.

(J. Ploshay – Portland, OR - October, 2013 – Impact Doors)

Staff is very friendly and always very helpful. I get quotes and products very fast, which really helps our stores.

(C. Cloutier – Fort Smith, AR - October, 2013 – Impact Doors)

Delivery time, friendly , helpful customer service is always appreciated.

(S. Gonzales – Canyon Country, CA - October, 2013 – Impact Doors)

When we call our customer service rep he is consistently able to take our calls and furnish pertinent information and pricing that enables us to inform the customer quickly, which in turn leads to contracts. Our sales contact is most helpful in processing information, requirements/purchase order and maintaining quality/delivery scheduling.

(Igor – Brooklyn, NY - September, 2013 – Flexible Doors)

The doors are of a great quality and are doing what they are suppose to.

(Stan – Jamestown, NY - September, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Been doing business for years, you are the only impact door company we use.

(J. Hall – Croydon, PA - September, 2013 – Fiberglass Door)

Good experience, good product, timely delivery and fair price. I am satisfied with Chase and will give them the opportunity to quote on future projects.

(M. Layton – Nashville, TN - September, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Sales representative very helpful in the ordering process.

(K. O'Neill Iglesias – Ft. Lauderdale, FL - September, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)
  • Quotations are quickly addressed and competitive in pricing.

  • Always accurate with the ship and arrival dates.

  • The Door holds up for years.

  • It is a pleasure to deal the customer service reps in New Jersey. They are always friendly, knowledgeable and get back to you immediately.

(Bill – Lewiston, ID - September, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

I have used before. Very good service and friendly and helpful employees.

(Stan – Jamestown, NY - September, 2013 – Impact Traffic Door)

Been doing business for years, you are the only impact door company we use.

(B. Howlett – Nepean, ON - September, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Efficient response to enquiries and helpful advice with regards to proper use of products.

(Bill – Norristown, PA - September, 2013 – Restaurant Doors)

Your customer service rep is the best. She is always very helpful and professional. A pleasure to deal with!! You have the BEST customer service!!!!

(Mr. Jones – Lansdale, PA - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Chase Doors has been a primary source of impact doors for many years. I have been furnishing and installing them for many years.

(J. Robinson – Oshawa, ON - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

The key for us as a general contractor with short time frames to complete the work is of course timing. Chase was able to deliver when we asked for the items to be delivered.

(W. Gonzales – San Diego, CA - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

I like the way that you work as a company, have a great control and good people.

(D. Ahrens – Saint Cloud, FL - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Been a customer for years.

(R. Wimsatt – Nashville, TN - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

This is a very durable product.

(Craig – Green Bay, WI - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Chase has made quality doors for many years and K&K has been selling them for over 30 years! Together with sound Manufacturing of traffic, strip, cooler ect. Doors, K&K will continue to sell, service and install Chase Doors and make our relationship even stronger!

(Penny – Houston, TX - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

I always recommend Chase Doors. The customer service rep was the best! She is extremely knowledgeable and very very nice.

(W. Overton Jr – Mechanicsville, VA - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Been doing business for about 20 years with you. Chase has very good inside and outside sales people and return all of my request in a timely manner. The quality of the doors is excellent and they are easy to install . I would recommend them to any companies.

(R. Fay – Komoka, ON - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Your combination of quality, delivery time, service and information available is exceptional. In my previous life at another distributor I had purchased some of your product line and was very satisfied

(P. Stowe – Kansas City, MO - August, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Excellent Customer Service

(D. Jones – Green Bay, WI - August, 2013 – Traffic Doors)

Would recommend products to others.

(J. Brown – Indian Trail, NC - July, 2013 – Cold Storage Doors)

Let me add that your customer service rep could not have been nicer and was knowledgeable of all the product line you guys have.

(R. Crum – Mechanicsburg, PA - July, 2013 – Flexible Doors)

Quality product , easy to install, good customer service.

(R. Brown – Bryan, TX - July, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Chase door is the number one Industrial door company on the market. They build high quality at a reasonable price!

(S. Harvey – Bowling Green, KY - June, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Love the website. So easy to request a quote. Prompt attention to questions after the initial contact. Like the detailed pictures. Sales representative was very helpful in recommending the proper type of door for our needs.

(Ray – Bellmore, NY - June, 2013 – Restaurant Doors)

I have found your customer service very responsive and helpful. My customers are more than pleased with the product and relative ease of installation.

(A. Plum – Baltimore, MD - June, 2013 – Impact Traffic Doors)

Customer service was great. Quote and info were sent promptly. Response and shipping were quick.

(G. Perkins – Buffalo, NY - June, 2013 – Impact Doors)

Durulite doors is good quality and competitively priced product that can easily be customized. We have been using this produce for over 20 years and will continue using it for some time to come.

(L. Fettkether – Iowa - June, 2013 – Strip Doors)

You have been our suppliers for years.

(J. Manley - June, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

I'm very satisfied with the order. The order was exactly what I requested so no complaints.

(L. Guidry – Scott, LA - June, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Excellent product, price and lead time. Local sales rep was extremely helpful.

(M. Thomas – Clinton Township, MI - May, 2013 – Fiberglass Door)

Fiberglass doors are a great solution sale for a variety of interior and exterior applications where customers are experiencing excessive wear and rust due to the environment. They provide great value and Chase Doors offers the widest selection of product solutions for these openings. I turn to Chase every time the need arises.

(J. Silva – Norwich, CT - May, 2013 – Traffic Doors)

When our reputation is on the line, and security and safety for our customer is paramount; The only door we choose is Chase Doors. The Proline and Durulite 200 doors are the best impact doors at making us as installer / craftsmen look good.

(J. Beller – Omaha, NE - April, 2013 – Flexible Doors)

We have always been pleased with Chase doors, starting with initial response, price, delivery and quality of product is unmatched in this industry.

(J. Lively – Dartmouth, NS - April, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Always a good experience with the help of Chase Doors customer service, who are always helpful and quick to respond. It is very much appreciated.

(P. Goldense – Norfolk, MA - April, 2013 – Impact Traffic Doors)

Chase is easy to do business with:

  • Quotations are quickly addressed and competitive in pricing.

  • I order what I need.

  • Chase makes it correctly the first time, ships it promptly.

  • In the rare case there is a problem they stand behind the product. (One problem in 20 years of sales which was loose center line weather strip on a huge pair of Duralite industrial doors.)

What more can you ask for in a factory! Keep up the good work.

(D. Bailey – Indianapolis, IN - April, 2013 – Cold Storage Doors)

Excellent communication and help from sales representative.

(H. Madsen – Golden Valley, MN - April, 2013 – Impact Doors)

I have used Chase before and had good consistent results.

(M. Chaurro – Hazelwood, MO - April, 2013 – Flexible Doors)

A great quality, old school company. I have been doing business with them for the past 25 years.

(K. Lee – San Dimas, CA - April, 2013 – Impact Doors)

Been a customer for over 20 years.

(R. Tindall – Smithton, IL - April, 2013 – Fiberglass Doors)

Your customer service personnel are excellent people to work with. They are always prompt to respond to quotations and any problems that very seldom occur.

(D. DeHart – Cadiz, KY - April, 2013 – Strip Doors)

We had a very courteous sales person who will always call on your needs.

(J. Marshall – Grand Junction, CO - April, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Your sales rep is great to work with. She gets back to you really fast.

(D. Isaacs – Portland, OR - April, 2013 – Sliding Fire Door)

Friendly customer service, sliding fire door was received on time and was easy to install.

(L. Chalupsky – Big Bend, WI - April, 2013 – Sliding Fire Door)

I was impressed by the customer service. We had many questions that required some research and creative thinking. I was happy that we were able to consistently make progress finding a solution to our issue. I was also pleased that the parts, though special ordered, did not have an exceptionally long lead time.

(H. Barker – Winnipeg, MB - March, 2013 – Flexible Doors)

Good customer service and follow up on help when needed.

(C. Mata – Saginaw, MI - March, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Chase Doors is very good at what they do, from the ease of getting quotes to purchasing the actual product, everything was seamless and customer service is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Chase to all of our contractors.

(B. Eddings – Memphis, TN - March, 2013 – Traffic Doors)

We used a different brand of impact door for years on other projects. Once we installed our first pair of Chase Doors, we were sold. The door is so much superior in looks, quality, and durability that we don't even take prices now from anyone else.

(K. Roberts – Sisters, OR - March, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

The customer service rep was very, very helpful in guiding me through the process so I ordered the correct product. Thanks very much.

(B. Cameron – Prescott, AZ - March, 2013 – Traffic Doors)

The customer service rep did a wonderful job as my contact.

(A. Middleton – Winnipeg, MB - February, 2013 – Flexible Traffic Doors)

Great service all around.

(M. Granier – Harahan, LA - February, 2013 – Impact Traffic Doors)

My experience with Chase Doors has been nothing but positive. My representative is very knowledgeable, always available to answer any questions & always gets my quotes back to me right away. My orders always ship on time & I have never had a complaint from any customer who has bought these doors.

(T. Henderson – Boise, ID - February, 2013 – Traffic Doors)

We have enjoyed working with our customer service rep to establish the Traffic Door needed for our facility. Very knowledgeable & courteous. Thank you Chase Doors! :-)

(A. Tyler – North Brookfield, MA - February, 2013 – Restaurant Doors)

We are very happy with the service.

(T. Samra – Lansing, MI - February, 2013 – Restaurant Doors)

The quality of the doors impressed my customer, and your excellent customer service impressed me.

(J. MacLellan – Brunswick, OH - February, 2013 – Traffic Doors)

I personally have had nothing short of great service from the start of ordering through the delivery of the product. There is always a reminder sent out if past 30 days to let you know that the specific order you requested pricing for has not been processed yet, and also following the delivery schedule rather than dropping shipment to invoice immediately. Our sales representative is very good at the service, and communication from a Contractor standpoint.

(K. Adams – Houston, TX - January, 2013 – Sliding Industrial Doors)

Friendly yet professional service.

(D. Been – Fort Smith, AR - January, 2013 – Flexible Doors)

It's always a pleasure doing business with Chase. They are always kind and friendly, very helpful even if they don't carry what I'm looking for. Quality is always there and quick delivery is always a plus.

(P. – Mississauga, ON - January, 2013 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

I found my sales rep to be very quick to respond, pricing was very competitive the information flow during the order process was very good.

(M. Quiros – Orange, NJ - January, 2013 – Traffic Doors)

We are a Door Company and deal with a lot of door manufacturers and I am personally impressed of how complete Chase doors are. They think of everything, nothing was missing. A missing component could become a job lost, in the field. But with Chase it is a peace of mind plus the timely and good purchase experience with their customer services.

(J. Lehman – Greenleaf, ID - December, 2012 – Impact Traffic Doors)

We have used Chase Doors for a lot of years the most important factor to us is quality.

(M. Rose – Cleveland, OH - December, 2012 – Double Acting Traffic Doors)

I have been a customer of Chase for quite a few years. Quality, price and service have always been very good which is why I remain a customer. Customer service is always available to help me out.

(T. Mohl – Corpus Christie, TX – December, 2012 – Double Acting Door)

The customer service folks at Chase are very helpful and informative.They keep you posted on your order so that you don't have to call to follow up.

(M. Brown – Suffolk, VA – November. 2012 – Cold Storage Door)

Good door at a reasonable price.

(B. Rouse – Lockport, NY – November, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

Our customer put us in a bind with a last minute project in short lead time - Chase Doors helped us work through vague requirement specifications helping to clarify product requirements and delivery.

(D. NICKELL – Bensenville, IL – November, 2012 – Vinyl Roll-up Door)

We initially contacted a local door and dock company looking for some type of rollup door. Everything they were quoting was cost prohibitive. Our application doesn't require a door that opens quickly or has any automatic features. What we purchased from you is perfect for our application. We expect to operate this door 3-4 times per shift therefore speed isn't an issue. I did an internet search an found your company. After a phone call to your customer service representative, I had a quote within an hour and placed an order. We've installed the door and are pleased with the quality of your product.

(D. Dotson – El Cajon CA – November, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

Very happy with everything, hardware pack was complete and organized, doors were dead-on!

(J. Schroeder – Nashua, NH – October, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

Your sales department was very helpful and expedited the time sensitive replacement door order quickly.

(A. Chin - South El Monte, CA - October, 2012 - Strip Curtains)

Customer service has good knowledge of the products, respond quickly and is friendly.

(J. Finkle - Nacogdoches, TX - October, 2012 - Double Acting Doors)

I purchased this door to replace an existing Chase Door at Stephen F. Austin University. The door fit perfectly in the existing frame, was very easy to install and we are very satisfied. Customer Service was very professional, courteous and had flawless service.

(C. Denny - Waterford, CA - October, 2012 - Impact Doors)

Chase Doors continues to offer excellence in providing reliable, industrial duty doors for our refrigeration temperature control needs. We work in a number of high traffic areas and the Chase Doors endure tremendous impact traffic and continue to function exceptionally well. We highly recommend the service and support that Chase Doors offers to all of its customers as well as the products they produce.

(D. Ballard - Summerville, SC - October, 2012 - Impact Traffic Doors)

Chase Doors provides a premier product with the best customer service in the industry. Chase not only meets my expectations they exceed them every time. I know that when I place an order, it will be on time and in excellent condition.

(B. Hall - Williston, VT - October, 2012 - Impact Doors)

Always good service.

(S. Peck - Portland, OR - October, 2012 - Strip Doors)

Chase Doors has a great selection and great products.

(J. Nivison - Sarasota, FA - October, 2012 - Restaurant Doors)

I did contact other door suppliers but Chase was the most prompt and had more flexibility on design.

(L. Lodica - Bend, OR - October, 2012 - Double Acting Traffic Doors)

Very good customer service!!!! Very helpful!

(R. Bradley - Denver, CO - September, 2012 - Double Acting Doors)

I have done business with you previously. Chase Durus has a very good product. Great customer service. When there was a problem, it was dealt with in a timely manner.

(M. Junkins - Atlanta, GA - September, 2012 - Impact Traffic Doors)

You make a great product and customer service is excellent.

(M. Haynes -Modesto, CA - September, 2012 - Strip Doors)

We have bought from you before and we would recommend your product.

(L. Kutrik - Cambridge, MD - September, 2012 - Impact Traffic Doors)

Our experience in using Chase Doors throughout past years has proven the effectiveness, durability, and value of Chase impact doors in our operations. Chase Doors are specified for all of our walk-in coolers for temperature maintenance, and area separation, in all of our new facilities and existing facility renovations. We will continue what has been a most successful utilization of a great product.

(G. Clinton - Denver, PA - September, 2012 - Impact Doors)

Your customer service was very helpful when I needed to change the quote, and the order was shipped very quickly. I was very pleased with the service thank you.

(Jeff – La Mirada, CA – August, 2012 – Traffic Door)

Working with Chase has been a good experience so far.

(G. Albright – Reading, PA – August, 2012 – Traffic Door)

The fit and finish of the product was great. The installation instructions were easy to follow. The whole project went easier than we had expected. Great product.

(G. Maples – Fenton, MO – August, 2012 – Traffic Door)

I have been very satisfied with the service that has been provided. I have been extremely happy with the quick service and response by the sales rep. She has been the best sale rep and has turned me away from my previous supplier of many years. Your product comes in when it is supposed to and my customers are extremely happy with the product.

(S. Orf – Anderson, St. Louis, MO – August, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

This project had to be quoted several times. Openings were constantly being added/deleted/changed. My contact person was extremely easy to work with.

(Tracy – Anderson, SC – August, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

I really like the product.

(J. Scott – Guelph, Ontario – August, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

Fantastic doors easy to install priced very competitively and salesman was excellent! He was on site within hours of first contact.

(M. Groleau – Westervielle, VT – August, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

Excellent doors for food processing facilities where product is brought through on carts. Where some doors may not have lasted a year or two, these doors after 6 years are only needing new weather strip and window glass to look new again. Only one door with the heaviest use needed new roller assemblies. They stay clean and hold color withstanding dailey chemical cleaning.

(D. Bell  - San Diego, CA - August, 2012 - Impact Traffic Door)

It is nice dealing with a company that follows up on every order. I received a very detail conformation the next day after placing the order, made a couple of changes due to customers request and got the new confirmation back the next day. Order was shipped on time per the confirmation. Even with a little problem with the trucking company, your girls in the office took care of tracking the material and called at least 6 times following up that the material was delivered. Knowing that when there is a hiccup, and there always will be, it is nice to know that there is a support group on your side not leaving me in the cold to figure it out. They took care of everything right up to calling 20 minutes after the delivery was to arrive on her personal phone as it was after hours, delivery showed up at 6:00 PM due to a truck problem. Great job!

(S.Barbour – Los Angeles, CA –August, 2012 – Bug Screen Door)

My overall experience was good as far as talking with the sales rep. He was very helpful with my order and how to measure my door for the right fit.

(C. Meyers – Cincinnati, OH –August, 2012 – Restaurant Door)

Turns quotes around quickly and are always very happy to work with my job requirements.

(J. Brown – Baltimore, MD –August, 2012 – Impact Door)

Customer service is always pleasant and responds quickly. They ensure you are purchasing the right product for your application.

(C. Rosman - Charleston, SC – May, 2012 – Impact Door)

Overall a wonderful experience, quality, price and customer service were all outstanding.

(R. Clegg – Denton, TX – July, 2012 – Impact Door)

I would recommend Chase Doors to others.

(D. Reiner – Tenafly, NJ – July, 2012 – Restaurant Door)

The door itself is first quality but what really won me over was customer service. As a non-technical person, I needed some guidance with the different models. Your phone rep was very helpful in making the choice. She was very knowledgeable, patient and courteous.

(D. Hoover – York, PA – July, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

If Chase can supply the product we need, we go nowhere else, they are dependable and affordable.

(M. Vent – Milford, IN – July, 2012 – Fiberglass Door)

Customer service was very helpful.

(A. Tyler – North Brookfield, MA – July, 2012 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

In this particular instance delivery time was the most important factor. Of course that is after we got thru the price comparisons. This unit was purchased for resale to a contractor building a yogurt shop. Your customer service was spot on at getting us the order on time in spite of the fact that you had product that was out of stock. We substituted and kept the customer happy! Thanks.

(S. Amour – Nashville, TN – July, 2012 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

The product was received in a timely manner. I would recommend Chase to others. The sales rep is very informative.

(D. Kimball – Grand Rapids, MI – June, 2012 – Strip Curtain)

This is a quality strip door and bracket assembly. This is the second strip door for this particular customer and I am very impressed.

(R. Knoll – Baxter, MN – June, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

Chase Doors is easy to deal with and respond in a timely manner.

(D. Betts - Syracuse, NY - June, 2012 - Double Acting Traffic Door)

I have used Chase doors for years. They are very well built and are quality doors that will last for years.

(L. Walston – Rocky Mount, NC – June, 2012 – Double Acting Traffic Door)

The product was received in a timely manner and I would recommend to others. In our years of dealing with Chase Doors I have been very pleased with the service from their in house people and their products. We have been building grocery stores in North Carolina for over twenty years and have a very good working relationship with Chase Doors and look forward to the future.

(C. Rosman - Charleston, SC – May, 2012 – Impact Door)

Overall a wonderful experience, quality, price and customer service were all outstanding.

(J. Pepe - Kennett Square, PA – May, 2012 – Impact Door)

Sales & technical people are very professional, qualified and easy to deal with.

(S. Wagner - Billings, MT– May, 2012 – Strip Door)

We have dealt with Chase for many years and would recommend their products to others.

(G. Kjellesvik - Seattle, WA – May, 2012 – Traffic Door)

Door was made exact to stated measurements and customer was pleased with overall quality and aesthetics of the product.

(B. Aleshire - Mason, OH – May, 2012 – Service Swinging Door)

We have used Chase in the past and would use them again.

(B. Hutchinson - Firestone, CO – May, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

Durus doors are a great product that holds up to heavy abuse and ships with all the parts needed to install. Installation is simple and straight forward.

(J. Pedigo - Pleasant Hill, CA – May, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

The product was received in a timely manner and I would recommend to others.

(J. Such - Charleston, SC – April, 2012 – Impact Door)

Overall a wonderful experience, quality, price and customer service were all outstanding.

(K. Morgan - Evansville, IN – April, 2012 – Flexible Door)

I have been aware of Chase Doors for years as I used to sell a competitor’s product. The sales rep was easy to work with, responded in a timely manner and helpful.

(C. Jeffers – Greensboro, NC – April, 2012 – Fiberglass Door)

Very helpful customer service and questions are answered promptly. Plus, I have never had any complaints about the product from my customers.

(G. Hoskins – Blackfoot, ID – April, 2012 – Fiberglass Door)

Thanks for your timely delivery of our doors and frames. The product was of the highest quality and at a good price. The fit and finish was great and made installation smooth. We look forward to future orders.

(G. Schneider - Gainsville, FL - April, 2012 - Impact Traffic Door)

We have replaced four of our facility’s steel and wood doors with Chase’s double-acting traffic doors and could not be happier. The window port and ability to open the doors either way increases safety and ease of access. We have had some installed for over ten years now and they are extremely durable in a warm and wet environment; we have never even had to replace any of the gasket seals. The company’s local representative made a trip to our facility to ensure we got the correct size and type for our newest installation. The order was processed quickly and the customer service staff I dealt with on the phone and via e-mail was always courteous and helpful answering questions or getting me the paperwork I needed.

(J. Bartlett– North Little Rock, AR – April, 2012 – Fib-R-Dor Fiberglass Door)

Always available to follow-up on any questions and deliver a quality product.

(M. Kearns – Torrington, CT – March, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

The lady that assisted me was most cordial and she knew her product, and she went out of her way to bring up a couple of older jobs we had purchased from you and we went to work right from there. It was quick fast and easy. She was genuine and a pleasure to work with. We have used this door in the past, and it has proven to be strong and high use product. It's designed for what it is supposed to do, Traffic. The door was received right on schedule. The product was very easy to install and put together. The bottom line is the product is well structured, easy to install and put together, the end user is pleased with both the appearance and the function. It's always a pleasure to deal with a company that knows what they are talking about and has the education, knowledge, and engineered quality, to offer to the distributor, and the end user.

(M. Michelson – St Cloud, MN – March, 2012 – Impact Traffic Door)

It is a good product at a fair price. The door lasts with rough use. It is easy to install and I would recommend Chase Doors to others.

(T. Harris - Little Rock, AR - March, 2012 - Impact Traffic Door)

Quality product, easy to retrofit, great customer service.

(Roger - Houston, TX - March, 2012 - Restaurant Door)

Your customer service is first class there is follow thru before the order is placed and after.

(J. Drescher- Appleton, WI - March, 2012 - Traffic Door)

I have installed your doors for years, I liked the installation and quality. Service was great starting with estimating all the way through receipt of material on our dock. Great product. I push Chase products evry chance I get.

(D. Morisseau, Cayman Islands - February 2012 - Traffic Door)

We are long time customers. Great friendly helpful and speedy customer service.

(R. Choeun - Westerville, OH - February, 2012 - Strip Curtain)

They make my phone call the most important phone call and take the time to help in everything that I need. The hardware was easily to install and delivery time exceeded my expectation.

(Wayne Hitt - Brookfield, IL - February, 2012 - Sliding Service Door)

Our installers said the product was easy to install. Your sales rep and is very knowledgeable on your product and is a pleasure to work with.

(K. Hunter- Riverdale, UT - February, 2012 - Traffic Door)

The product was easy to install. Very friendly and helpful customer service.

(D. Sowieja - Stevenspoint, WI - February, 2012 - Sliding Fire Door)

I've been dealing with Chase for 15 years. Chase has been very responsive to our needs, whether its for a quote, technical service, or warranty issues.

(L. Corley - Houston, TX - January, 2012 - Traffic Door)

I appreciate that when I need pricing it is usually sent in a timely manner. My issue with freight damage was handled very easily and without problems. My rep. is very responsive to meet my requests for pricing and information. I would recommend to others.

(M. Clay - Amarillo, TX - January, 2012 - Traffic Door)

Usually a quick turn around with good customer service. Our sales rep is good about helping with questions and problems.

(K. Jack - Riply, TN - January, 2012 - Security Door)

Using Chase Doors for 30 years. A company with quality products, excellent customer service department, and always ready to assist with just a phone call. This is a positive attitude company with lots to offer other than just product.

(Texarkana, TX - January, 2012 - Fiberglass Door)

I will only purchase Fib-R-Dor fiberglass doors. We have never had any issues that have not been resolved.

(M. Morasch - Portland, OR - December, 2011 - Traffic Door)

I have used you in the past. It is a quality product and easy to install.

(J. Simmons, Mancherster, CT - December, 2011 - Traffic Door)

Sales person was extremely helpful, the material was delivered on time. Great Job.

(T. Burns - Reno, NV - December, 2011 - Corrosion Resistant Door)

Sales staff was very friendly and helpful.

(E. Boehmer - Kent, WA - December, 2011 - Traffic Door)

Everything was fine except requested freight company to call 24 hours prior to delivery and no phone call was received.

(D. Farley - Grant, OK - December, 2011 - Traffic Door)

Chase Doors provide us with an excellent source for Double Acting Doors at a competitive price, which is what our customers' desire.

(T. Yarnell - St. Joseph, MO - December, 2011 - Traffic Door)

Chase has great products and people, making my job professional and profitable.

(B. Timothy - Phoenix, AZ - December, 2011 - Traffic Door)

I have ordered doors from Chase for 10 years. Good product, reliable service and delivery every time!

(C. Vaccaro - Mentor, OH - December, 2011 - Flexible Traffic Door)

Have been using Chase doors for years and I would recommend them to others.

(L. Keene - Marlborough, MA - December, 2011 - Traffic Door )

My rep was very helpful and prompt on an order that was of highest importance. The order was filled and saved our company problems with a long standing customer.

(D. Jones - Santa Ana, CA - November, 2011 - Traffic Door)

Chase doors have been a staple in the super market and restaurant industry for years, why look for alternatives when you have the best possible options through Chase doors.

(T. Larry - Warren, OH - November, 2011 - Impact Door)

I was referred by friend in the same line of business. The great customer service made the ordering process very easy. The great quality door is custom made so you can pick and choose features and colors. You know exactly what you are getting and installation was easy.

(M. Mitchell - Elizabeth City, NC - November, 2011 - Security Door)

This is the second time I had to use these doors and they are very easy to install and very durable for the intended use of them. At anytime I need to order these type of doors I will keep you in mind.

(W. Wyckoff - Elk Grove, IL - November, 2011 - Sliding Door)

We have been using chase-saino for 30 + years.

(H. Hall - Wellington, OH - November, 2011 - Double Acting Door)

Customer service was great and follow up was timely.

(F. Cesar - Rockville, MD - October, 2011 - Restaurant Door)

We have always used "Other" doors; from now on we will start using Chase doors thanks to sales rep who made this a real simple transaction.

(A. Le - Metairie, LA - October, 2011 - Restaurant Door)

Chase doors has great and helpful customer service and provides a quality and aesthetic product for my establishment. I'm very pleased with my choice in working with a great company.

(K. Broedlow - Jefferson, WI - October, 2011 - Strip Curtain)

The ordering process is very streamlined and the strip curtain material quality has always been good.

(R. Bell - St. Petersburg, FL - October, 2011 - Traffic Door)

Great customer service. Very helpful with small, but critical details.

(J. Anderson, Wallingford, CT - October, 2011 - Restaurant Door)

Your sales rep is outstanding. I hold her in the highest regard and is actually the reason I keep coming back and recommending you to others.

(D. TINDALL - Louisiana, MO - October, 2011 - Fiberglass Door)

The door is great looking - warranty, quick response, and delivery made my project very easy.

(S. Dugaw - Tacoma, WA - October, 2011 - PVC Roll Goods)

I heard about you through a friend. Your product is good, easy to install and your customer service is great.

(R. Heard - Winston Salem, MA - October, 2011 - Fiberglass Door)

I needed an exterior door that can stand up to weather. Your sales rep returned all my calls and took care of every need we had. The product was easy to install. I will order from you again and recommend you.

(B. Johnson - Staten Island, NY - October, 2011 - Restaurant Door)

I find your custmer service to be outstanding and professional. All my questions are answered in a timely and informative manner. The traffic door was easy to install, looks great, and I would recommend you to others.

(J. Chambers - Athens, GA - September, 2011 - Flexible Door)

I have used Chase Durus doors for many years. The flexible door was purchased to replace a flapper door that had been used for several years. Chase has always delivered a consistent quality product on time. It stands up to good abuse by pallet jacks and forklifts.

(K. Oneill - Jersey City, NJ - September, 2011 - Traffic Door)

I have been in this business for 40 years and would absolutely recommend Chase. Chase Doors stands behind the product sold and manufacturers any size needed.

(D. Bonfiglio - Needham, MA - September, 2011 - Impact Door)

Door quality is good, replacement parts are easy to find even on some older doors.

(D. McNely - San Jose, CA - September, 2011 - Double Acting Door)

I have used their doors in the past, they are easy to install and I would recommend them to others.

(L. Lane - Laredo, TX - September, 2011 - Traffic Door)

I have sold Chase products for more then 20 years.

(R. Simmons - Orlando, FL - September, 2011 - Impact Door)

Would highly recommend to others. Great product, excellent communication and easy to order.

(B. Burns - Longview, WA - September, 2011 - Restaurant Door)

Sales rep was very attentive and responsive to my inquiries and questions. She followed up in a very timely manner throughout the process.

(J. Ideal - Carle Place, NY - September, 2011 - Restaurant Door)

Service and quality is very good, price is reasonable too. My customers are very happy with them.

(G. Perkins - Buffalo, NY - September, 2011 - Traffic Door)

We have been using Durus Durulite doors for a long time. Chase provides a quality product for a good price with excellent customer service.

(L. Fettkether - Windsor, CT - September, 2011 - PVC Roll Goods)

We have been doing business with you for years. I placed the order on 8/26 and received it on 8/31! Very Good!

(K. Bresson - Great Falls, MT - August, 2011 - Traffic Door)

The representative that helped me was very helpful, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with! I would recommend your products to other and would use you again.