What PVC vinyl strip curtain width best fits your application?

4" Personnel - For use in restaurants and small openings in walk-in coolers and non-windy doorways.

6" Personnel/Light Carts - For use in walk-through coolers, freezer and doorways with light cart traffic.

8" Light Industrial - For interior use with cart, pallet jack and light forklift traffic. Okay for small exterior doorways with some air movement and cold storage coolers and freezers.

12" Industrial - Heavy lift-truck traffic in docks, doorways and cold storage coolers or freezers. Okay for use in exterior doorways and dock enclosures. Provides good sound attenuation.

16" Heavy Industrial - Heavy duty lift-truck or vehicle traffic in large dock, door or craneway openings. Reduce sand, dust, chip and wind penetration. Not designed for walk-through.